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R P G _ C H O R U S

RPG Chorus; An RPG lyrical icontest.
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Welcome to rpg_chorus, an RPG community where you use lyrical themes to make and enter icons in a contest. :D


x. All icons must go by LiveJournal standards; no bigger than 100x100 pixels and 40KB.
x. No fanart or doujinshi
x. If submitting a Kingdom Hearts II icon, make sure there are NO SPOILERS!
x. Entrants may enter a total of two icons per weekly theme, unless stated different.
x. This is an icon lyrical community. So icons must include at least three consecutive and LEGIBLE lyrics from the song to be used for that week.
x. Do not show off your icons until the winners have been announced. If you get caught, you're disqualified. Simple as that.
x. Entrants will remain anonymous during voting and will be revealed when the winners are announced.
x. Do not take icons until after the weekly challenge is over. Make sure it's alright with the icon creater first and credit them, of course.
x. Do not complain to me or anyone if your icon doesn't win. This is a friendly competition between icon makers. No one likes a sore loser.
x. Have fun, guys. Seriously. That's what this is all about. ^_^


x. Remember, this is a lyrical community, so all icons MUST contain at least three consecutive lyrics.
x. Don't advertise your icons; you will be disqualified if found guilty of this.
x. Some challenges will have different rules and some will have certain images that you can use.
x. Here is an example of how you should enter an icon:

*Series: Kingdom Hearts
*Character(s): Kairi

* - This is mainly so that incase a banner maker doesn't know what series/character is in your icon, they know what to search for when they are looking for images to use when making your banner.


x. Vote for your three favorite icons in the order that you like them, starting with the icon you like the most and working your way down. Also, vote for an icon that you think best represents the special category, which varies every week. And remember not to vote for yourself!

For example:




2,5,6 and 8
x. All votes are screened and only the mod can view them.
x. Voting is just as important as submiting, so everyone should take a moment to vote on the icons of their choice.


Week # // Theme Name // Winners // Banners
x. Week one // ??? // ??? // ???


x. aunbreath

banner makers

x. aunbreath
x. chibi_meower
x. hanamusume
x. hocus


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x. kingdom_kairi
x. rpg_icontest
x. seed_hush
x. game_hush
x. game_lyrical
x. vg_awards
x. sqenix_icontest
x. tsubasa_chorus
x. kingdom_chorus

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