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R P G _ C H O R U S
Week #2 [ Ending Start ] 
4th-Jun-2006 11:28 am
Mitsuki; Ethereal
I apologize for this being late D: And we could definitely use more participation this week. ~

x. As this is a lyrical contest, all icons must contain at least three lyrics from the song provided; no switching the words around to fit your icon. They must be in the exact order as they are in the song.
x. For this week, you may submit up to THREE icons.
x. All icons must go by LiveJournal standards; no bigger than 100x100 pixels and 40KB.
x. No fanart or doujinshi
x. If submitting a Kingdom Hearts II icon, make sure there are NO SPOILERS!
x. Do not show off your icons until the winners have been announced. If you get caught, you're disqualified.

Ending Start

All this that is more than a wish is a memory
All this that is ceases to be
All is revealed
The obvious door opens nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing left
Nothing left to chance

When you try to see, we'll watch you
When you try to leave, we'll keep you
When you should be dreaming, we'll wake you
But don't scream, we'll make you swallow your words

Gave them our explosions, our reactions, all that was ours
For graphs of passion and charts of stars
Gave them our reactions, our explosions all that we are
For graphs of passion and charts of stars

How ending starts
Ending starts with answers.

All icons were originally supposed to be due by Friday, June 9th, but since I'll be at a anime convention in Dallas :DDD I'll give you guys a few extra days. So! All icons must be entered by Monday, June 12th. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post..more participation would be loved

Have you voted for Exodus '04 icons?
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